Happy Heads with the Headware in Batanes!

The Headware in Batanes Photo Tour
The Headware in Batanes Photo Tour

We just concluded our Backpack Photography Photo Tour Batanes last  Holy Week and under the sunny and windswept landscape of Batanes, Backpack Photography is thankful to The Headware for providing each of the participants a Headware they can use. Strong winds? No problem! As the headware is tight and secure enough to fit anyone’s head where an occasional cap would easily be blown out. Some girls used it for hair protection to avoid it getting sticky from dust after a long day’s journey. I for one is happy to keep the beads of sweat from trickling down my face while hiking. It can also be used to wipe out some dirt on our lenses from occacional salt water splashes. It’s a very versatile outdoor wear!

headware collage 2
Headware collage 3

The Headware also provided us with a couple of “Loop Scarf” a new product innovation which we raffled off to our participants.

Headware collage 3Headware Collage 3 with Loop Scarf winners

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